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Grazers Amenity is designed to keep ornamental plants and edible crops free of damage caused by rabbits, pigeons, deer, geese, mice and voles.

A calcium based, environmentally safe, liquid formulation, Grazers Amenity is applied to the green photosynthesising leaves and stems of plants.

Grazers Amenity is formulated with calcium chloride providing 6% calcium oxide (4.5% w/w calcium), alongside a plant derived adjuvant to enhance plant interaction.

Grazers Amenity engages with a plants metabolic processes once applied to the leaves, stems and flowers of plants, whereby they become unappealing to pests encouraging them to forage elsewhere. Calcium is also translocated into plant cells, transferring some protection onto the next leaves to form.

Grazers Amenity is safe for the wider environment and wildlife. As a plant essential secondary macronutrient, calcium will naturally dissipate in the plant. Pests are also unharmed leaving them free to fulfil their role as part of the wider natural food chain and ecosystem.

Main ingredients Calcium oxide Pack size (L) Pack coverage (m²) Packs per hectare
Calcium chloride and plant extract adjuvant 6% 1 10000 1

Instructions for use

Where to use

  • Grazers Amenity is suitable for use on managed amenity turf, lawns, ornamental plants and edible crops.

When to use

  • Grazers Amenity should be proactively applied to plants ahead of exposure to attack by the pest.
  • Application can be made at any growth stage, with effects lasting the longest when applied to young actively growing plants.
  • New plants are especially vulnerable to damage and should be sprayed at least twice prior to planting and again once planted.

Application Window
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Application frequency Applicator Application rate Water volume
3 - 4 weeks Mounted hydraulic sprayer 1 l/ha 250 l/ha
Knapsack 80 ml 20 l

How to use

  • Apply to dry plants
  • Evenly apply as a fine spray up to the point of run-off, covering all susceptible plant material
  • If pest population pressure is elevated, rainfall is heavy or plant growth rates are high, increase application frequency
  • When applying to edible crops a one week harvest interval after the final treatment is recommended

For further information on Grazers Amenity, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

SKU Product File
189224 Grazers Amenity - Animal Deterrent Product Label (PDF)
189224 Grazers Amenity - Animal Deterrent Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
189224 Grazers Amenity - Animal Deterrent Product Information Sheet (PDF)

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