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Foam Bout Marker is a highly concentrated foam bout marker developed to produce stable, long life, foam marks. Packed in convenient sized bottles, each 2.5L provides enough fluid to mark up to 250 acres. Foam Bout Marker incorporates quality detergents, bulk foam boosters, rust inhibitors, water softening agents, and stabilisers.

Foam Bout Marker operates on the principle of compressed air being blown through a liquid to create high quality, thick-bodied foam bubbles. The advantage of a foam marker over a dye or no mark at all, is that the foam will degrade within a short space of time, meaning no evidence that the area has been treated with pesticide remains.

Due to the low application rates required, Foam Bout Marker is available in useful small containers that don’t take up valuable space in the spray chem store, but will provide you with several days of successful spraying, depending on the viscosity of the mixture, which is determined by the air flow. Foam Bout Marker can be quickly and easily poured into a filler bottle with minimum disruption to spraying.

Application Information

Applicator Application Rate Water Volume Pack Size Pack Coverage
Sprayer fitted with a foam marker kit 1 part foam marker 135 parts water 2.5 ltr 178.5 ha

For further information regarding Foam Bout Marker 2.5L, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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