Dualitas Fungicide - Turf Disease Control 250 ml

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Active ingredients: 200 g/L Tebuconazole and 100 g/L trifloxystrobin.

Areas of Use: For use on Amenity Grassland and managed Amenity turf.

MAPP No. 18000

Dualitas is a contact and systemic fungicide for the control of Microdochium Patch (Fusarium) (Microdochium nivale), Red Thread (Laetisaria fuciformis), Anthracnose (Colletotrichum cereale), Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa), Leafspot (Drechslera spp.), and Rust (Puccinia spp.) in amenity turf, at any time of the year.

How Does Dualitas Work?


Tebuconazole is a fungicidal triazole compound (commonly referred to as part of the ‘zoles’ class) that acts as a demethylation inhibitor (DMI Class of fungicides). Mode of action: DMI’s work by inhibiting the biosynthesis of ergosterol which is a major component of the plasma membrane of certain fungi and needed for fungal growth. Tebuconazole is described as an acropetal penetrant which is a fungicide that is absorbed into the plant and translocated in the xylem vessels of the plant; therefore, after entering a plant, this type of fungicide moves upward in the xylem vessels. This active ingredient is best applied before visible symptoms of a disease are present, when environmental conditions are conducive for plant growth and potential fungal development.


Trifloxystrobin belongs to the QoI Class of fungicides (Quinone outside Inhibitors).

Mode of action: Mesostemic, broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative and specific curative activity, with good rain-fastness. Redistributed by superficial vapour movement and also has translaminar activity, moving between the two leaf surfaces.

Mesostemic fungicides are strongly attracted to the leaf surface and provide a barrier against disease infection. Small amounts penetrate the leaf and move to the opposite, untreated surface of the leaf, providing protection against infection on both leaf surfaces. Mesostemic fungicides will inhibit spore germination, preventing the disease from penetrating the turf. Thus, the plant tissue is not damaged and the turf doesn’t waste energy fighting disease.


All of the QoI fungicides exhibit translaminar movement (which means “across the lamina”, or leaf blade). When these fungicides are applied, most of the active ingredient is initially held on, or within, the waxy cuticle of plant surfaces. Some of the active ingredient “leaks” into the underlying plant cells.

For those fungicides with an affinity for the waxy cuticle (such as Trifloxystrobin), active ingredient that “leaks” all the way through the lamina quickly rebinds to the cuticle on the far side of the leaf blade. Thus, the fungicide can be found on both leaf surfaces, even if only one leaf surface was treated. Translaminar movement can take one to several days to be fully effective.


When Should Dualitas Be Applied?

Dualitas utilises two reliable and trusted active ingredients with two different Modes of Action that simultaneously act as a barrier to spore germination, flowing through the leaves to provide translaminar protection, and penetrate the leaf blade to be transported systemically via the xylem vessels, to provide greater ongoing protection throughout the plant.

For optimum control, apply Dualitas when the potential for the incidence of disease is highly likely, i.e. when dew settles on the leaf blade and overnight temperatures are mild.

The systemic nature of Tebuconazole means that this product is best applied when there is active growth, to ensure movement of the fungicide through the plant.

Dualitas Mode of Action
  • Can be applied 4 times per year
  • Can be applied through both a knapsack and a boom sprayer (vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer)
  • Persistence – high affinity with the leaf’s waxy layer
  • Protection – redistribution by superficial vapour movement
  • Prevention – systemic and translaminar activity provide potential for greater longevity
  • Creates weather resistant reservoir on plant’s surface
  • Reservoir distributes fungicide
  • Enables continual penetration and replacement of active ingredients

Rain-fastness of Dualitas

Dualitas has been proven to be rain-fast within 1 hour of application. Once the spray application has dried on the leaf surface, rainfall will not interfere with its ability to control disease, due to the combined action of the contact action and the systemic properties of Dualitas.

Application in low temperatures: Dualitas can be applied at very low temperatures, as long as the turf is not frozen.

Application Rates of Dualitas

For control of Leaf Spot, Microdochium Patch (Fusarium), Red Thread and Dollar Spot use 1 litre of Dualitas in a minimum of 400 - 500 litres of water per hectare of turf. Control of Anthracnose and reduction of Rust may also be achieved.

Maximum Treatments Max Individual Dose Water Volume Application Method
4 per annum 1 L/ha 400-500 L/ha Boom or Knapsack Sprayer

Approved Areas Pack Size Coverage Repeat Applications
Amenity Grassland & Managed Amenity Turf 250 ml 2,500 m² 28+ Days Between Applications

For further information regarding Dualitas Fungicide - Turf Disease Control, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

Technical Information

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161080 Dualitas Fungicide - Turf Disease Control 250 ml Safety Data Sheet (PDF)
161080 Dualitas Fungicide - Turf Disease Control 250 ml Product Label (PDF)

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