Garden Sprinkler Kit

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The Garden Sprinkler Kit delivers water in circular spray pattern with a diameter up to 8m. This is an affordable and effective way to keep garden lawns and allotments well watered throughout the growing season, particularly if you have sown new seed. The Garden Sprinkler Kit operates off low water pressure and comes with a standard hose connector and geka style fitting to connect your hose.

The Garden Sprinkler Kit contains 1 x sled base, 1 x brass quick coupling, 1 x galvanised adaptor, 1 x riser pipe, 1 x Rotoframe Sprinkler, and 1 x PTFE roll to seal threaded joins.

Assembling your Garden Sprinkler Kit

Instruction Imagery
1) Screw the Brass quick coupling into the inlet. Wrapping PTFE tape around the thread first. Residential Sprinkler Kit - Assembly Step 1
2) Screw the galvanised bush into the plate of the sled base,using PTFE tape. Residential Sprinkler Kit - Assembly Step 2
3) Screw the riser pipe into the bush, using PTFE tape. Making sure all threaded are securely and tightly. Residential Sprinkler Kit - Assembly Step 3
4) Screw the sprinkler head into the top. DO NOT use PTFE tape as this may affect the operation of the sprinkler head, do not use grease or oil of any kind. Residential Sprinkler Kit - Assembly Step 4


If your sprinkler head does not flick back when sectoring this usually denotes a pressure problem on site. Please check that the nozzle does not have any dirt lodged in it, and that the sprinkler head is moving freely. In some areas watering outside of “peak“ water usage times may help improve performance if you have poor or fluctuating pressure.

For further information on our Garden Sprinkler Kits, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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