Depitox 500 Selective Herbicide 5 L

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MAPP no. 17597

Active Ingredients: 500g/L 2,4-D (40.1% w/w) as the diethanolamine salt.

Depitox 500 is a selective herbicide for the control of many broad-leaved weeds including Ragwort in amenity grassland situations, such as golf courses, playing fields, roadside verges and ornamental lawns.

  • Control on a wide range of broad leaved weeds in amenity situations
  • Use on grass floors under orchards
  • Can be used in a wide range of cereal crops
  • Controls many key weeds in grassland
  • Economical and well proven
  • Tank mix recommendation for Ragwort control, best achieved when plant is in rosette stage

Weeds Treated by Depitox Herbicide

For a full list of weeds treatable with this product simply open the attached document below labled Depitox Herbicide Product Label, pages 4 & 5.

Ragwort Control, common: 3.3 l/ha * treatment will normally kill plants at all stages of growth up to early bud stage. For best levels of control, treat in April–June when rosettes are growing strongly but before flower buds are well formed.

Applicator * Application Rate (Ltr/Ha) Volume Rate Ltr/Ha Coverage per 5ltr Bottle
Hydraulic sprayer 0.7 - 3.3 110 - 400 71428m² - 15151m²
Knapsack sprayer 0.7 - 3.3 110 - 400 71428m² - 15151m²

*For full guidance on range of application rates consult product label.

For further information regarding Depitox 5L Herbicide, please contact a technical sales advisor on 01952 897917.

Find more information in our guide How To Know Which Herbicide to Choose

Technical Information

SKU Product File
196351 Depitox 500 Selective Herbicide 5 L Product Label (PDF)
196351 Depitox 500 Selective Herbicide 5 L Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Safe use of pesticides

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Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product.

You must ensure the end user of these products complies with the DEFRA/HSE Code for the Safe use of Pesticides:

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