BIO Degradable Square Pegs

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BIO Degradable Plastic Square Bio-Pegs have the same characteristics as traditional ground cover pegs; unique barb design (grip on all four sides) to ensure the peg is secured in the ground and a flat top to prevent tearing in exposed sites where lifting may be a problem.

Please note: These pegs are black and 155mm long.

The Bio-Peg decomposes as a result of soil temperature moisture and sunlight. It will take approximately three years to degrade fully. This product complements the biodegradable mulch mats, as they are both environmentally friendly.

Bio-pegs are suitable for all Mulch Mats.

These pegs are available in boxes of 100 or 2000.

For further information regarding our BIO Degradable Square Pegs, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 897917.

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