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SupaFlush - Cleaning Solution

For cleaning and prevention of the line marking liquid build up within pumps, tanks and spray nozzles. Specifically designed for use with Vitax machinery and fully compatible with all the moving part of the machines.

What does it do?

  • Prolong the working life of the pumping system.

  • When appiled, the actives present within the formulation will leave a molecular layer of surfactant molecules on the inside of pipe work, pump and spray nozzles, etc.

  • This molecular layer acts as a barrier preventing the build up of line marking liquid from forming inside the machine.

  • All new TXE machines are treated with SupaFlush before they leave the factory.

  • To maintain the surfactant protective barrier, each machine must be cleaned out regularly with SupaFlush


  • When applied to a machine which has not been treated before or has not been cleaned with SupaFlush for some time, the formulation will act like a detergent.

  • Interacting between the liquid/solid surfaces lifting most dried line marking liquid away to be flushed out during cleaning.

Pack size: 1 Litre sufficient for 20 flushing solutions.

For further information on SupaFlush - Cleaning Solution, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 641949.
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