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Grass Reinforcement Mesh Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Grass Protection Mesh

Heavy Duty Grass Protection
Grass protection mesh is a heavier grade HDPE grass protection mesh, with UV additive which has been produced specifically for protection of grassy areas from heavy duty traffic, such as cars, 4x4’s, vans and occasional heavy goods vehicles.

The reinforcement mesh protects grass roots from damage and helps to prevent wear, rutting and smearing. For successful use, it is essential that the grass is allowed to grow through the mesh before use to ensure that the surface is safe and strong.

  1. Cut the existing grass short, fill in any existing divots with soil, sand, grass seed mix.

  2. Simply roll out the mesh over the grassed area and pin to the ground to make secure.

  3. Let nature do its thing! The grass starts to grow and intertwines with the mesh creating a stronger, natural looking surface.

  4. It is essential to let the grass fully establish through the mesh before use. This may only take a few weeks, depending on which time of year you install. The grass can be mowed and treated as normal during this time.

Code Product Colour Width
Area Covered
Mesh Size
5162 Heavy Duty Mesh Black 2 30 60 15 x 15 9.5 1250

The manufacturer recommends the use of 100 fixing U pins per roll. These can be ordered separately here

For further information regarding Heavy Duty Grass Protection Mesh, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 641949.