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Biodegradable Reinforcement Pegs (box 500)

GreenStake® Biodegradable

100% Biodegradable & disappear completely.

Safer alternative to metal pins and offer numerous advantages. Supplied in boxes of 500.

GreenStakes® are used by landscapers, groundsmen and greenkeepers for effectively applying and holding down new turf, blankets, sod, weed barriers and landscape fabric.

Eliminates damage to mower blades and tyres and reduces the risk of injury posed by metal pins should someone fall on one or a tie be thrown by a mower.

Also, labour costs will decrease and time is saved since you no longer have to return to the site to remove the pins. The 4" GreenStake® tests show 45% more anchorage force than 6" U-shaped metal pins. The GreenStake® maintains its holding power for 18-24 months after which it breaks down into water, carbon dioxide and humus unlike the hazardous metal pins that last 10+ years in the ground.

Available in 4" (10 cm) or 6" (15cm) sizes.

For further information regarding 10cm Biodegradable Reinforcement Pegs, please contact a member of our technical sales team on 01952 641949