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Johnsons ProNitro Premier Wicket

The Johnsons ProNitro Premier Wicket Grass Seed supersedes Johnsons' previous coated premier wicket seed mixtures, which have proven performance being the number 1 wicket renovation mixtures in the UK! Suitable for use on Cricket Squares, Tees and Tennis Courts. As a result of the seed coating technology, often the first N application can be skipped or delayed by a few weeks.

% Cultivar Species STRI Rating
40 Clementine Perennial Ryegrass 7.6
20 Chardin Perennial Ryegrass 6.0
20 Dickens Perennial Ryegrass 6.9
20 Monroe Perennial Ryegrass 6.9
Sowing Rate (g/m2) Overseeding Rate (g/m2) Mowing Height (mm)
35 - 75 25 - 75 Down to 2

ProNitro Premier Wicket Grass Seed Features

  • New Clementine, Carnac, Chardin and Libero cultivars deliver the highest rating on the 2015 STRI close mown list.
  • An outstanding shoot density, combined with a fine leaf and incredible cleanness of cut for improved camera appeal.
  • GroMax treated, maximises seedling development.
  • 4 cultivar mix delivers high disease resistance.
  • Attractive colour and leaf fineness.
  • Rapid establishment.

ProNitro is a unique 4G nitrogen seed coating applied directly to the seed surface, delivering a targeted supplement to the seeds own reserves.

This results in a number of advantages

  • More seed - Less coating than iSeed
  • Faster germination and establishment
  • Bigger and heavier seed in better contact with soil surface
  • Feeds the seed not the weed - reduced loss to the environment
  • Better root and shoot extension
  • Average of 30% more viable plants with improved stress tolerance
  • Reduced Poa Annua
  • Reduced cost- lower price, replaces seed-bed fertiliser, no application costs

For further information regarding our Johnsons grass seed range, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.