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Polar Tuff Snow Plough

3 Year Warranty Badge for Polar Tuff Snow Plough

This bi-directional snow plough makes it simple and easy to clear your driveway and pavements in half the time, with half the effort needed for conventional shovelling.

The Polar Tuff Snow Plough is slightly offset so that the snow you're trying to move out of the way gets pushed to one side only. Due to the flippable plough head, you can go in the opposite direction whilst pushing snow out to the same side as before; this means you don't move snow onto the path you just cleared.

  • Helps manage snow accumulation
  • Reduces labour costs compared to a shovel
  • Sets inside doorways to be used frequently
  • Helps to achieve environmental goals
  • Saves time.

Polar Tuff Snow Plough

Features of the Polar Tuff Snow Plough

  • Simple Design:
  • Allows you to remove snow while keeping your body in an upright, walking position. Instead of relying on the strength of your lower back, use your body weight, legs, and arms. Minimises work by pushing instead of lifting and throwing.

  • Efficient and Saves Money:
    Clears away snow in half the time with half the effort needed for traditional shovelling.

  • Faster and Easier to Use:
    Work smarter, not harder by managing your snow accumulation.

  • Minimal Storage:
    Stores easily and out of the way.

  • Innovative, Green Product:
    An alternative for the petrol driven snow blower.

For further information regarding the Polar Tuff Snow Plough, contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.

48 Hour working day delivery applies to UK Mainland only. Orders to Highlands and Ireland may take longer. Additional haulage charges apply to all other Non mainland and overseas addresses, please contact the office on 01952 641949.