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Other Files for our Products

We always attach product labels to each relevant product page, as well as operating instructions and spec sheets where available. For your convenience these downloads are listed below.

Tree Guards

Root Control

Landscaping Fertilisers

Fine Turf Fertilisers

Lawn Fertilisers

Outfield/ Fairway Fertilisers

Fine Turf Fertilisers

Lawn Fertilisers

Outfield/ Fairway Fertilisers

Pre-Seed Fertilisers

Liquid Fertilisers

Iron Fertilisers

Moss Killers



Hand Held

Professional Spreaders

Lawn & Small Green Spreaders

Rock Salt Spreaders

Lawn/Home Weed Killers

Total Residual Weed Killers

Total Systemic Weed Killers

Turf Broad Leaf Weed Killers

Control of Ragwort in Turf

Control of Nettles & Thistles in Turf

Professional Woody Weed & Brash Control

Professional Japanese Knotweed Control

Professional Bracken Control

Professional Weed Control in Ornamental Beds

Professional Weed Control in Woodland

Aquatic Weed Control

Lawn Disease Control for Home Users

Professional Fusarium Control

Insecticides - Commercial & Large Areas

Biological Pest Control

Seaweed Products

Adjuvants, Additives & Markers

Knapsack Sprayers

Hand Held Sprayers

Irrigation Equipment

Mycorrhizal Fertilisers

Root Dips & Water Management

Turf Reinforcement

Slug & Snail Control

Rabbit Control

Ground Maintenance Tools

Turf Colorants


Pedestrian Sprayers

Biostimulants & Micronutrients

Spring/Summer Liquids

Autumn/Winter Liquids

Mankar-Roll Wheelbarrow Models

Cricket Loam


Organic Fertilisers

Ice Melt

PDV Salt

Soil Testing

MicroNutrients & Trace Element


Safety Boots & Footwear

Growth Regulators

Line Marking Paints

Line Marking Accessories

Line Marking Machines for Turf

Agronomy Tools

Discontinued Plant Protection Products

Vitax Spray Line Marker Accessories



Water Retention


Dew Dispersal

Oil Removers


Sun Cream

Total Contact Weed Killers