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ICL SR2000 Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader

18 Month Warranty Badge for SR2000 Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreaders

ICL SR2000 rotary seed and fertiliser spreader:

When you work with top quality ICL products, you will want to use the very best spreaders.

  • Consistent spreading pattern from 2 to 6 metres wide
  • Allows exact setting of application rate
  • Large wheels for easier pushing and no tread marks
  • Adjustable side-deflector to protect edges
  • Stainless steel
  • Hopper capacity 25kg
New updated version will be branded ICL (previously Scotts) and be blue.

SR2000 Seed and Fertiliser Spreader Features:

StandStart/Stop LeverGear Box ControlImpeller
Stand for the ICL SR2000 SpreaderStart/stop Lever for the ICL SR2000 SpreaderGear Box Control for the ICL SR2000Impeller of the ICL SR2000 Spreader

SR2000 Seed and Fertiliser Spreader Operation Instructions:

  • Pull the main shut off lever to the closed position before filling the hopper
  • Start rolling the spreader forward before opening the ports; close the ports before stopping
  • Hold the handle so that the hopper is level. Tipping the spreader too far forward or backward will cause uneven spreading.
  • Use the swath width recommended on the bag for your spreader at 3mph (a brisk walking pace) Apply material in forward direction. Do not pull.
  • The settings given on the product label are recommended starting points
  • The start/stop lever is sued to block off the right side portion of the swath width. It should be used in the "on" position together with the auxiliary shutoff in the closed position.
  • A hopper cover is provided with your new spreader. Use it to protect turf product inside the hopper from light rain or windy conditions during transportation.

Free 2-3 day mainland UK delivery included. To view available spare parts see:
Spare Parts PDF
For further information regarding the ICL SR2000 Seed and Fertiliser Spreader, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.

Discounts available on multiple / bulk purchase of these products. Contact the office on 01952 641949.