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First in Line at Fulford Heath Golf Club

Kim Blake GracoFulford Heath Golf Club, located close to Solihull, is considered the premier course of its type in its area. Designed by James Braid, this parkland course offers a challenging 18 holes over 6,000 yards. This year, Course Manager Kim Blake, purchased a Graco Fieldlazer S90 MKII spray line marker, making Fulford Heath the first golf course in the UK to own a Graco line marking machine.

Kim was looking for an alternative to aerosol line marking and after talking through options with Mark Allen from Maxwell Amenity, he decided the best way forward was to setup a demonstration of the Graco FieldLazer S90 MKII. "After seeing the seeing the machine in action, I felt the Graco was the way forward to save us money in the long term. The ease of use and build quality of the marker helped me choose it over other machines currently available.

We are using the Graco FieldLazer MKII to mark lines in front of the greens to try and move trolley and golf buggies away from the aprons. We are also marking dropping zones and some G.U.R. areas, along with fairways for certain golf days i.e. nearest the white line and lines for stone relief car park. We are also planning on using the machine to mark water hazards in the future.

Fulford Heath Graco

Since purchasing the FieldLazer S90 MKII and switching to the MAX-LINE Lazer One Shot paint we have noticed a reduction in our paint usage compared with the aerosols. We have not only reduced our paint costs, but also our waste, as we are not left with lots of empty aerosol cans, which is better for the environment. The high pressure (900 bar, 62 psi) sprayer marks the lines in just one pass rather than two, coating both sides of the leaf. When marking the lines on the relief car park, the stone surface is painted to a much better standard in just one pass. It used to take four passes with the aerosol cans! The MAX-LINE Lazer One Shot gives a bright white line, that is crisp in appearance, and lasts about one to two weeks longer.

The initial cost may deter some clubs but the quality of lines, ease of use, and reduction in paint costs make the Graco FieldLazer S90 MKII good value for money."

For further information and exclusive offers visit and see the The Graco FieldLazer S90 MKII. Demonstrations and trials can be arranged by calling our technical sales team on 01952 641949.

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