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Drought stressed turf: “It will come back…...won’t it?”

Drought Stressed Turf

ALS Technical Sales Area Manager, Mark Allen, discusses the effects of the recent hot, dry weather and discusses the steps that some turf managers have...

in Technical Guides - on 2/8/18

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Fusarium Focus

We’re heading into a period of the year when disease pressure is generally high, particularly Microdochium nivale, otherwise known as Fusarium patch......

in Technical Guides - on 7/11/16

Glyphosate ATV

Glyphosate Formulation

Glyphosate is a topical subject, so we thought we’d take a look at how it works...

in Technical Guides - on 27/10/16


The Munch Bunch!

In this article, John Handley, Technical Manager for Maxwell...

in Technical Guides - on 23/8/16

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Wetting agents

With the forecasted high temperatures to come it may well be worth...

in Technical Guides - on 25/5/16


Managing our turf

With the arsenal of pesticides seriously diminished in recent...

in Technical Guides - on 1/10/15