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Briteliner Arrow Transfer Wheel Line Markers

1 Year Warranty Badge for Briteliner Arrow Transfer Wheel Line Marker

The Briteliner Arrow with its innovative design has re-engineered the regular transfer wheel Line Marker to bring you a lighter, hard wearing, easier to use marker with the highest accuracy.

Briteliner Arrow is a great choice when selecting line markers on a strict budget. Despite it's updated features and materials, it is in fact cheaper than most predecessor machines.

The Briteliner Arrow Line Marker Features:
  • A longer wheel base.
  • Professional weight distribution.
  • Height adjustable handlebar with detachable ‘cow horn’ bar for greater control.
  • A low centre of gravity to help ensure lines are arrow straight, time and time again!.
  • Easy circle marking via inbuilt eyelet hook.
  • Spot brush for penalty/centre spots and finishing lines, incorporated in the line marker.
  • Frame manufactured from triple coated steel tube meaning no weak welded points that could otherwise corrode.
  • Folds down for transport and storage.
  • Alternative wheel width options available.
  • More than 8kg lighter than previous versions.
Why choose the Briteliner Arrow?
  • Accuracy Modern technology has allowed improved straight lines and circle making. A longer wheel base(590mm) provides a better weight distribution allowing a stability of the front wheel on the surface.
  • Quality The Briteliner's central transfer wheel is spring loaded and adjustable, achieving desired quality line definition and consistency with every time it is used.
  • Durable The Briteliner has a 'tip-tank' feature which allows unused line marking equipment to be retained for future use, If required the tank can even be easily unclipped from the frame and washed.
  • Hard-wearing A streamlined tank of high tensile moulded plastic can hold enough line marking liquid to mark 3 average football pitches.
For spare parts or replacements, please see the list of available parts, then contact our technical sales team.
For advice or further information on our Briteliner Arrow Line Markers speak to a technical sales advisor on 01952 641949.
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