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Arroseur Sprinkler Hose 15m

Tricoflex Hozelock Sprinkler/Soaker Hose

Perforated hose that produces a gentle sprinkler effect along its entire length when upright. Can be reversed for a deeper soaking action. An excellent low cost irrigation option.

Tricoflex Hozelock sprinkler/soaker hose is a popular product for gardens, allotments, sports clubs, bowls greens, cricket squares, etc. Anywhere you want a "gentle rain" effect but also with the option to soak soils or turf, allowing you to get water just where you need it.

Available in 7.5m and 15m lengths which can be connected together for longer runs, subject to available pressure and flow rates. Supplied with end cap and screw-in, push fit hose connector. To connect the sprinkler/soaker hose to a hose equipped with bronze, snap fit, professional hose connectors, an extra connector will be required.

If you require any further information regarding the Tricoflex Hozelock Sprinkler/Soaker Hose, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.