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Pro Master 5 Economy Green Grass Seeds

Pro Master 29 Grass Seed

The Low maintenance Pro Master 29 All Season Grass Seed is an all Fescue mix that can tolerant all seasons with its formulation able to cope with extremes of heat, drought and occasional water logging.

Significant advances in research have produced Pro Master 29 mixing tall Fescues with regard to fineness of leaf and shoot density providing attractive, hard wearing, low maintenance, alternative to the average Ryegrass mixture. Tall roots will penetrate the root zone to depths of over 1m aiding All Season Seed to cope with variable conditions.

50MasterpieceTall Fescue
50DebussyTall fescue

Sowing Rate: 25-35g/m² Oversowing Rate: 25g/m²Mowing Height: Down to 12mm

For further information regarding our Pro Master Range, contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.