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Pro Master 5 Economy Green Grass Seeds

Pro Master 125 Clearsky Grass Seed

The landscape Pro master 125 Clearsky Grass Seed is a blended mixture of species including Tall Fescue, Cocksfoot and Timothy suitable for the 'Long Grass Policy'. The 'Long Grass Policy' coincides with 'Long Grass management' a method which strives to reduce the danger of birds striking the plane in flight within Airport Landscapes. Tall Fescue a cultivar found in Clearsky Grass Seed stands erect and is highly resistant to frost and drought and when managed can grow up to 150mm therefore making it very suitable for airport landscapes.

47.5MasterpieceTall Fescue
47.5DebussyTall Fescue
5AxcellaAnnual Ryegrass

Sowing Rate:


Oversowing Rate:10g/m²

Mowing Height:150mm optimum height requirement

For further information regarding our Pro Master Range, contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.