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Pro Master 5 Economy Green Grass Seeds

Pro Master 81 Premier Renovation Grass Seeds

Best grass seed for: Premier Sports field renovations and new builds, the Pro Master 81 Grass Seed provides high quality colour and high disease resistance.


10EurodiamondPerennial Ryegrass
20ColumbinePerennial Ryegrass
40BizetPerennial Ryegrass
30HimalayaPerennial Ryegrass

The sport Pro Master 81 incorporating No. 1 rated Eurodiamond and new Columbine, perennial ryegrass gives unrivaled sward density and wear tolerance. The mixture will establish rapidly providing excellent colour and disease resistance. As the name suggests, a mixture suitable for new builds and the renovation of top performance winter sports pitches.

Sowing Rate:35-75g/m² Oversowing Rate:25-75g/m²Mowing Height:Down to 25mm

For further information regarding our Pro Master Range, contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.

Did you know?

Pro Master 81 Premier Renovation Grass Seeds have a GroMax coating to aid growth and establishment.
For more information about GroMax follow the link below.