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Dewcure Dew Dispersal Agent 10L

DewCure is a long lasting, dew control product, specifically formulated to reduce the accumulation of surface moisture on turf, including dew, guttation fluid and light frost.

Dewcure Dew Dispersal Treated GrassDewCure Features:

  • Reduces leaf moisture, suppressing dew and guttation fluid formation.
  • Enhanced longevity over conventional dew suppressants.
  • Faster drying times following rain or irrigation.
  • Drier surfaces can result in less disease.
  • Quicker recovery from frost.
  • Reduced labour requirement and drier cutting.
  • Pack size: 10 litres

Aids in Frost Protection
DewCure increases the formation of ice crystals on the plant leaf rather than in or on the soil surface and because the ice crystals are affected by air and not soil temperature, frost may disappear quicker from treated areas.

Disease Reduction
The activity of damaging foliar diseases like Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale) and Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa) is positively linked with conditions conducive to high leaf moisture levels and therefore by reducing this level, disease activity is suppressed. DewCure can be used on all types of turf including golf greens, approaches, tees and fairways, cricket squares and winter sports

Application Rates

Application Rate: Use DewCure at its normal rate of 6L/ha in 400L of water. (It is important to maintain a 1.5% dilution).

Pre-Treatment Application: Make a pre-treatment application 1-2 days before aeration and/or topdressing. The shorter the interval between application and aeration, the better the results.

Longevity: DewCure will continue to suppress dew and frost for a period of time after the operation (duration will be dependent on grass removal by mowing and / or new growth emergence).

Additional Information

Aeration and Top-Dressing

All aspects of aeration and top-dressing become more difficult if the operations have to be carried out on wet greens. Top-dressing sticks to the leaf instead of moving down into the turf surface and causes damage to mower cutting blades. In addition, core harvesting is both a longer and messier process when the turf surface is damp or wet.

Using DewCure before aeration or topdressing can reduce the problems associated with the process by eliminating turf moisture caused by dew and guttation. The drier surface allows faster and cleaner aeration and quicker return to ideal playing conditions after topdressing by enabling sand to better work into the turf canopy, rather than sticking to the leaf.

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