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ProCrystal 4.09kg

Control of Algae In Lakes & Ponds
ProCrystal controls swimming or floating unicellular and filamentous algae found in ponds, lakes and all stagnant expanses of water favouring their development. The algae develop and proliferate in nutrient-rich waters and are the main cause of oxygen depletion of the water following their decay. Apart from aesthetic unpleasantness caused, they create a physical obstacle to activities such as irrigation, water sports, fishing and fish farming.

Mode of Action
ProCrystall very quickly consumes and degrades the excess nitrogen (nitrates and ammoniacal) and phosphates that algae feed on to develop. The algae die swiftly after treatment by being deprived of the nourishment essential to their development. Many tests conducted on infested bodies of water show the rapid reduction in nitrate, nitrate and phosphate concentrations in water treated by Procrystal aquatic weed control.

Efficacy & Duration of Action
ProCrystall acts on filamentous algae such as Cladophora, Rhizoclonium, Spirogyra, Vaucheria, Ulothrix. Unicellular algae and blue-green algae such as Microcystis are less sensitive to the action of ProCrystal. ProCrystal improves the clarity of the water and reduces unpleasant odours only days after it has been applied. The efficacy of ProCrystal is optimised when the water temperature rises above 10°C. ProCrystal aquatic weed control works best in water with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 8.5. Its efficacy is also improved if there is some slight water movement (compared with completely stagnant water); this slight agitation will in fact help to distribute the active ingredient of ProCrystal throughout the volume of water.

Its effects last around one month. If however the weather promotes the development of algae (intense heat) it may be necessary to repeat the treatment every 3 weeks.

Selectivity & Respect For The Environment
ProCrystal is essentially a bio-product composed of bacteria and therefore does not disturb the balance if the environment in which it is applied. The product is very well tolerated by fish and all aquatic fauna and flora (grasses and dicotyledons).

Administering The Treatment
It is preferable to apply ProCrystal when the algae start to develop or when conditions are suitable for their proliferation, generally from spring to the end of summer, and even early autumn.

Conditions For Use
Once applied, ProCrystal rapidly spreads throughout the volume of water being treated. Continue the applications to maintain water clarity throughout the desired period and when conducive to infestation.

Dose & Application
ProCrystal is used by distributing the unopened sachets uniformly on the surface of the water. It may be applied from the riverside or from a boat. The sachets should be thrown directly onto the surface of the water requiring treatment.
The dosage varies according to the depth of water and application timing.

Depth Application Frequency Dose per 100m²
<1m Initial application* Every 30 days 300g
Maintenance application** Every 30-60 days 120g
>1m Initial application* Every 30 days 500g
Maintenance application** Every 30-60 days 200g

* Continue applications until desired results are achieved.
** Continue applications to maintain desired appearance of water system throughout the growing season.

Advice & Warnings
Do not use ProCrystal in sources of drinking water. ProCrystal is ineffective on mud, slit or leaf waste.
Do not handle single-does sachets with wet hands. The product must be stored in single-does sachets. These should be kept in the original container carefully closed to avoid all moisture. Storage temperature: from 4° to 38°C.
Keep out of reach of children, food and drink, including animal feed.

Composition & Formulation
Plant-based inert powder inoculated by 6 strains of class 1 bacteria (over 6 x 10 bacteria per single-dose sachet).

ProCrystal is packaged in 454gr water-soluble single-does sachets. 9 sachets are contained in each 4.09kg bucket.

Product Benefits
The algae die swiftly after treatment by being deprived of the nourishment essential to their development. Many tests conducted on infested bodies of water show the rapid reduction in Nitrite, Nitrate and Phosphate concentrations in water treated with ProCrystal.
  • Controls swimming or floating unicellular and filamentous algae.
  • Improves clarity of water and reduces unpleasant odours within days of treatment.
  • Does not affect the balance of the environment in which it is applied.
  • Hydrosoluble single dose sachets make easy application.
For further information on ProCrystal, speak to a technical sales advisor on 01952 641949.

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