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Excalibar Aquatic Algae Inhibitor

Excalibar is an established, environment-friendly extract of barley straw treatment. Extract of barley straw is a scientifically proven technique to control the growth of green-water, bluegreen and filamentous ("blanket weed") algae resulting from an in balance in the aquatic ecosystem.

Where there are insufficient water plants present, species of algae are the first to 'grab' available nutrients when temperature and light levels increase in the spring. Rapid growth of algae can quickly shade or smother desirable water plants, making algae the dominant recyclers of nutrients. If this annual cycle can be broken, water plants can re-establish a long-lasting balance.

Excalibar is 100% active from the moment it is poured into the water, and blocks further growth of the algae present.

Produced under carefully controlled conditions, and batch-tested to maintain consistent concentrations of anti-algae compounds, Excalibar Aquatic Algae Inhibitor comes as an easily applied solution, and is environmentally friendly, harmless to fish, invertebrates and wildlife.

Recommended Use:

As a Preventative

Because the barley straw extracts in Excalibur inhibit the growth of algae rather than directly killing it, Excalibar Aquatic Algae Inhibitor should ideally be used as a preventive tool, and added in the spring, before the algae begin to grow strongly.

As a Curative

Excalibar can still be used under active algal bloom conditions, but may take some weeks to bring the bloom under control whilst the algal cells expire. Suspended algae (green and bluegreen species) succumb to Excalibar more quickly than filamentous types.

Note: Some species of algae, for example some diatoms (which are brown in colour) are unaffected by compounds from decomposed barley straw. Suspended solids could also reduce the effectiveness of Excalibar.

Excalibar complements a wide range of other pond remedies and water management products, such as aeration equipment.

Application Rates:

Condition of PondApplication TypeApplication Rate
Curative, ponds with existing algae problemsFirst Dose1 ltrPer 45,000 ltr of
Pond Water Volume
Follow-up dose200 ml per week
Preventative, before algae growth200 ml per week, increasing in frequency with hot weather

Spread doses evenly over the pond surface (diluting with pond water can help). Overdosing not possible.

Please Note: Excalibar is not a herbicide.

Excalibar is a registered trademark of Spirex Aquatec .

For further information regarding Excalibar Aquatic Inhibitor, please contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.
Delivery charge (if applicable) applied at checkout. Next working day delivery is available on this product, as an option on orders placed before 12 noon - excludes festive season & bank holidays. Please note deliveries to Highlands, Cornwall and more remote areas may take longer. Surcharges apply for non mainland locations, call for more information. More delivery info

For large orders, please be aware that if you require a smaller 7.5 tonne lorry, the maximum weight for pallets is 750 kg - otherwise the standard pallet size limit of 1000 kg applies.

If you have any access restrictions for lorries or large vehicles please speak to our sales team on 01952 641949.

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