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Clegg Hammer - Impact Soil Tester Type CIST/883 – 2.25 Kg

For Winter Sports, Cricket and Equestrian – 2.25 Kg

The Clegg Impact Hammer for winter sports, cricket and equestrian is used to measure the hardness or shock absorption properties of turf surfaces. It is particularly suitable for assessing playing quality, consistency and safety of winter sports pitches. It can also be used to evaluate ball bounce and pace on cricket pitches and to ensure safety and consistency on equestrian surfaces.


A Clegg Impact Hammer is a useful instrument to enable the preparation of quality and consistent playing surfaces in many sports. It can be used to aid decisions relating to playing surface quality, safety and turfgrass health. The Clegg Impact Hammer soil test is simple to undertake and easily reproduceable delivering straightforward and unbiased results.

The Clegg Impact Hammer has been used successfully for many years for testing the hardness of American Football pitches. The results have been demonstrated to correlate closely with head injury severity indexes and are therefore used to aid decisions relating to safety.

Winter sports which have a risk of injury to hard ground can similarly take advantage of the unbiased results provided by the Clegg Impact Hammer to aid decisions relating to safety. In addition, the test can be used to indicate shock absorption and ball rebound qualities of the playing surface.

Firmness tests using Clegg Impact Hammers are used in golf to aid the assessment of greens playing qualities relating to ball impact, bounce and spin. Firmer surfaces are associated with a fair but challenging game that is rewarding to accurate play.

In cricket the Clegg Impact Hammer soil test is a good predictor of both bounce and pace. This makes it a useful addition for an unbiased determination of playing surface quality.

Table 1: Use of Clegg Impact Hammer soil test on different sports surfaces+

Surface Drop Height (mm) Target Reading (g*) Source
Cricket Pitch 450 360 ECB
Winter Sports 450 70 - 90 UEFA

+ The Clegg Impact Hammer can also be used on other types of surface (e.g. tennis courts, bowling green, equestrian surfaces etc.)
*Acceleration due to gravity.

The Clegg Impact Hammer can also be used to assess surface consistency throughout the year as well to ensure that different areas of a surface will deliver comparable playing conditions. This requires multiple measurements to be made across the surface of the pitch to calculate the degree of variation between measurements.

Table 2: Suggested number of measurements to test for consistency

Surface Number of Locations
Cricket Pitch 20+
Winter Sports 20 - 70
Golf Greens 5 -20


Operating Principle:- The Tester consists of a 2.25 kg compaction hammer operating within a vertical guide tube. The Hammer falls through the tube when released and strikes the surface under test, decelerating at a rate determined by the stiffness of the material within the region of impact. The readout registers the hardness values in units of Gravities (Gm). The Gm value is an indication of soil strength.

Design:- The Clegg Impact Hammer Soil Tester is a very rugged design suitable for prolonged use in damp, dirty and harsh site environments. The CIST/883 readout unit is made from high strength alloy that has been proven to last for decades. The unit runs from 2 x AA batteries for typically 12 months operation. The CIST/883 Clegg Impact Soil Tester is a compact and reliable instrument. A Transit & Storage Case is included.

Test Procedure:- Carrying out a test is quick and straightforward. The guide tube is placed in position vertically on the surface to be tested. The digital readout is located on the guide tube during testing allowing easy use as there is no need to hold the readout in the hand. The hammer is raised to the desired height and then allowed to fall freely. This procedure is repeated three times. The reading achieved on the third drop being recorded as the measurement value. The test data is recorded in the instrument and it is downloadable to a computer wirelessly by Bluetooth.

Features of the Clegg Impact Hammer Soil Tester for Winter Sports, Cricket and Equestrian

Hammer Weight 2.25 kg
Readout Display Easy to view backlit vertical display clamped to Guide Tube
Readout Range Up to 500 Gravities (Gm)
Power Source Two 'AA' cells
Battery Life Up to 12 months
Data Storage in Readout Flash memory approx. 10,000 drop tests. Each stored field contains the time and date of the test and firmness
Data Transfer Method BluetoothTM Wireless data transfer to PC or laptop
Data Files when Transferred Comma Separated Variable (CSV) data for manipulation in 3rd party packages such as ExcelTM
Transit & Storage Case Wooden Case
Size & Weight (approx). 71 x 13 x 13 cm
Instrument Weight: 4.6 kg
Packed weight in case: 10 kg
GPS Accuracy / Output N/A

If you require any further information regarding the Clegg Hammer, contact our technical sales team on 01952 641949.

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