ALS (Amenity Land Solutions) The One Stop Shop for all your sports turf, landscape and amenity maintenance supplies and products across the UK.

We are main UK distributors of sports turf, landscape and amenity supplies for a number of leading companies such as Bayer Environmental Science, Limagrain, Lebanon Turf, Scotts, Headland, Albaugh and numerous others. Products include Moss Killers, Insecticides, Fertilisers, Growth Regulators, Wetting Agents, Fungicides, Herbicides, Weed Control, Grass Seed, Tree Guards, Tree Ties and Mulching Materials.

In addition we have a number of exclusive products and services such as the Rubberloc range of rubber tree ties and blocks, the EasySpray CDA range of CDA herbicides and applicators, Mankar Ultra Low Volume Spraying Equipment and our Natural Solutions range of plant health products.

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